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In my last post, I mentioned that I was feeling a bit homesick, which is still true. But there’s no better way to cure that than a lovely date by bike with someone you love!

A few nights ago we headed out on the town to a Cafe Luxembourg (we heard they had a good burger). I made Jesse stop to take pictures on the way, because it’s not every day you dress up to bike through a gorgeous city on a beautiful fall evening.

We had a wonderful time. We ate, we drank, we talked about the past and the future and our feelings. All those things you do on dates. The burger was indeed delicious, and the smoked salmon salad (above) was divine. Cafe Luxembourg sits on Spuistraat almost in the center of town, and the outdoor covered patio was the perfect place to watch people go by.

[A digression: Speaking of homesickness, we both admitted that we miss Portland food. I am positive that Amsterdam has those cheap, delicious places, but we haven’t found them yet. In the meantime the memory of enough delicious Thai curry to feed both of us for $5 is painful when we fork out €16 for a burger. Also, I have night sweats for Mexican food.]

After our meal we wandered over to the Keizergracht canal and watched the sunset light up the canal houses for awhile. Another wine bar, another drink, another cozy conversation, then we were headed back home.

On the way back home, following Jesse, I snapped this picture without looking.