Time for a few words on Amsterdam. I’m realizing that I am so behind posting about Prague and our trip, and now it’s already October, and autumnal things are happening here that I’d like to write about. I need to catch up! So expect a flurry of Czech Republic posts, and then I’ll settle down and focus on the here and now.

Speaking of the here and now, it’s a wet and chilly fall day today! I officially broke out my winter coat, destined to be my best companion for the next six months. These photos are just a few things that are going on today.

1) New boots! I left my old ratty boots in the States with promises to buy myself new ones, and here they are! This is the most I’ve ever spent on boots, and it feels kinda good. They’ve already been christened by the rain on my bike ride today.

2) The leaves are turning colors and falling off. I love seeing them on the cobblestones, and floating in the canals like little yellow boats. I also love seeing the rain streaks on our windows.

3) My current pastime is embroidery–this is a white pillowcase from Ikea that I’m doing a Scandinavian design on, from my Embroidery Companion book. I love the dusky blue with that bright red, and the partridge friend is so sweet!

4) Flea market finds. On Saturday morning Jesse and I caught a ferry across the IJ harbor to a giant flea market. There were dozens of booths with so many things–I get so overwhelmed with things like that. But we did manage to find a precious little plate from Marken, an island just north of here. I’ll have to go visit someday to legitimize owning the plate. And Jesse found an ash tray and a clay pipe–he’s become quite the knowledgeable pipe man since we came here. (I suspect it’s because he’s stuck without his pastime of choice, music, for now.)

That’s all–just a slow relaxing day! I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for fall back in the US. Corn mazes, apple cider, pumpkin-flavored drinks, and Halloween decorations. I took things into my own hands and am brewing up some spiced cider this very moment, I’m going to sip it slowly while watching the rain, and maybe working a bit more on that pillowcase.