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Our last stop in Czech Republic was a day trip to the tiny town of Kroměříž, about an hour away from Olomouc. What puts it on the map for most tourists is the magnificent Archbishop Palace and the gardens, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. What puts it on the map for me was that I saw a bunny.

Let me put that into perspective. It’s exhausting to travel. I get hungry quickly and easily. We were concerned about saving money. We had already missed a train connection and sat an extra hour. We were carrying all our bags with us, and we found that there were no luggage lockers in the Kroměříž train station. It is so much fun sometimes, isn’t it?

I’m doing my best to not snap at Jesse while trying to be impressed by the gardens, when suddenly this fluffy, floppy, white bunny comes out of some bushes. He hops right past my feet. He looks up and wiggles his nose. I’m pretty sure he said something like, “Buck up, Katrina,” or at least “Hello,” before hopping off to explore a tree trunk.

It made my day. Apparently I am still a 10 year old girl who is in love with anything fluffy, because my mood completely turned around. So thanks, new bunny friend. And oh, yeah, we saw a palace and some gardens there, too.