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I woke up today feeling in a funk–I think it’s Halloween playing tricks on me. It was just one of those days where nothing is really wrong, but everything is a bit… funky. I tried to mope for awhile, but Jesse had two papers to finish for his classes, and he wasn’t paying attention to me, and what’s the fun of moping if no one is paying attention to you?

So I pulled myself out of it by thinking of the things that have made me happy recently. And no, it’s no accident that 3/4 of these are food or drink.

1) Microbrewery beer. I love craft beer! So far this brewery has won the taste tests: Brouwerij de Molen. Both the above beers were amazing! Beats Heineken anytime.

2) A smooching statue, and the fall leaves by the canals.

3) French fries. I’ve gone completely local and will only eat them with mayonnaise now. But, friends, this isn’t your Best Foods/Hellmans mayo–this is the real stuff. Seriously good. (And another delicious brew in the background.)

4) Fresh corn at the market. Dribble-down-your-chin yumminess.

I also made a killer squash and quinoa stew, bought a Dutch magazine because I couldn’t resist how pretty it looked (despite 95% of the words being above my reading level), and signed up for a local writing seminar (in English), which both terrifies and thrills me (mostly terrifies).

So you hear that, funky mood? You have no reason to be here. I’m going to eat a cookie, and then you should probably pack your bags and leave.