Fall in Amsterdam's canals

Hello friends! I have been absent from here for almost a week now! Oh, my. As an excuse, here’s a quick round-up of things that were distracting me last week.

Museumnacht. Once a year in November Amsterdam opens the door of museums all over the city at night. Good times ensue. With 45 museums to choose from it was a little overwhelming, but we managed to hit the Tattoo Museum, a 19th century canal-home, Rembrandt’s house, and the Hermitage. The highlight was probably hearing a jazz trio in the Portuguese Synagogue. There’s no electricity inside, so it’s completely light by candles in golden chandeliers. Magical.

Writer’s Workshop. I spent all day Sunday at The English Bookshop, a lovely place to browse on a gray day. The editors of the the literary journal Versal, an English-language journal published here in Amsterdam, were kind enough to go through the literary journal world and help us participants get some submissions out. Scary. But, it’s done! And it’s encouraging to know that other people need help, too.

Brouwerij t’IJ. We visited a delicious brewery right in Amsterdam. I felt like I was back in Portland! I’ll have to write it’s own post about it, with pictures.

I’ve finished another embroidery piece, but I can’t show anyone! It’s a gift, so it must be hidden until unwrapped. I’m extremely happy with it, though.

Looking forward…

Sinterklaas is coming. That’s the Dutch version of Santa Claus, and it’s a BIG DEAL here. He comes in from Spain on a boat next Sunday and parades through the city, then stays for 3 weeks spreading joy. Everything I’ve heard about it sounds sincerely joyful and exciting, both for kids and parents. I suppose when you don’t have Thanksgiving in the way, you might as well start Christmas cheer early! That’s fine by me–I can’t wait!