I went on a long walk this morning. I wanted to buy flowers for our apartment, but it was a bit of a failure since the shop I aimed for didn’t open that early, I didn’t realize how cold it was, and I got tired of walking long before I got home.

But. It was still a good walk. A chilly, slightly foggy day with coffee waiting for you back home is always nice. And I also saw this:

See it? Every canal house in Amsterdam has a hook on the top, for pulling up heavy things. There’s no way beds and dressers would fit up those tiny staircases! Nowadays most people use mechanical cranes and lifts, but today I saw this bathtub being lowered down. I guess someone is remodeling.

I also took this picture. This view is right near our apartment and is one of my favorite scenes in the city. It’s just so telling–the clocktower, the Netherlands flag, the houseboats, and the canal houses. Every time I walk by I can’t help but take a picture, since the light and the seasons keep changing. You can see the white haze that was out today, softening everything. I hope it snows this year. I’ll rush over and take a picture, then meander home to hot chocolate and a warm blanket.

Oh, and don’t worry: I told Jesse to get some flowers on his way home tonight. I’m sure he’ll pick out some nice ones.