image via Mollimoo at Instagram

Tomorrow we pack our bags and fly across the channel for five days in London! We’ve been busy nesting here in Amsterdam lately, and we haven’t even gotten out for a day trip in awhile, so this is exciting! Our first travel adventure since settling in, and our first time in the UK. I have a friend who’s studying there this year, so we’re using her as an excuse to see London, and London as an excuse to see her.

Before we go, I have to make a confession. I’ve never been in love with London. You know how some places capture your imagination and make you want to visit no matter what? That wasn’t London for me. Sure, it seemed fun, but it wasn’t ever top of my list. I can’t explain this, past the weird subconscious thoughts that shape everyday life. London just wasn’t shaping mine.

I’m admitting this because I’m ready to change. I’m ready to be seduced and elated by foggy London town, and to get whalloped with a big “why didn’t i want to come here??”  I’ve been immersing myself in all things London the past week, watching Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, a modern Sherlock Holmes show, Harry Potter, and even a BBC documentary thrown in for actual history.

We plan on spending the most time at the free museums, walking a lot, warming ourselves up with afternoon tea, and of course sampling all the best English brews. I may be absent from here for awhile, but I’ll be back next week full of new posts.

Bring it on, London!