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I’ve seen this book before, sitting in Anthropologie or on my friend’s nightstand. I’ve ogled her copy, because it’s quite beautiful. Amsterdam: Made by Hand, by Pia Jane Bijkerk, leads you on little “wanders” throughout the city finding stores that sell handmade goods. Some friends here ended up with two copies of the book, and they were kind enough to gift their extra to me, so now i can ogle my own!

Which I did, immediately. Then I went and marked all the shops on a map so I can find them. There are over 30 shops listed selling a variety of jewelry, furniture design, vintage clothing, and more so this might take me awhile!

Today as I took a walk, I started my search and immediately found a special one. Called Knopenwinkel (button-shop), its marked by a giant wooden button hanging outside, and stuffed full of the real things inside. I couldn’t help but come away with a few treasures. I got six of these silver buttons with intricate designs, intending them for this green sweater of Jesse’s that shrunk and will soon become a cardigan for me.

I promise I didn’t shrink it on purpose. Though if I had found the Knopenwinkel earlier… who knows.