My Christmas decorations are simple this year, since we don’t have much around. Funny how I didn’t want to pack a whole box of ornaments and lights… But I did buy a tiny tree at the market, and I decorated it with a string of paper stars. I love how delicate and simple they look on the tree. Luckily enough, I wrote up my first ever how-to so you can make your own, if you’re so inclined! You can find it here, on my friend Tatiana’s blog.

Tatiana and I survived college together, and now she makes her home and a lot of other awesome stuff in Austin, Texas. Also, she has chickens, which is pretty cool. She was kind enough to ask for a guest post from me, so check out my First Ever How-To on her clever and informative blog, and then stay tuned to it for even more awesome stuff from her.

Tomorrow we’re getting out of the city–and country! We’re taking a train to Cologne, Germany, for a taste of the famous Christmas markets. I’m so excited! Germany does festive Christmas right. So many of our American traditions came from there, like gingerbread, nutcrackers, the song Silent Night, and even the Christmas tree itself (hello, O Tannenbaum). Nothing beats wandering through markets of handmade goods while your chilly fingers wrap around a mug of spiced wine.

Also, pretzels. Enough said.

I’ll be back on Sunday to regale you with all the things I wanted to buy but didn’t, and all the things I wanted to eat, and did. Until then, make some stars!