It’s been a quiet week here, days full of listening to the rain on the window, sipping tea, and writing emails to far-away friends. In the late afternoon the sky starts getting darker, and lights start appearing in the windows. I love how the Dutch don’t cover up their windows, even if it’s right by the street. You can walk past and get a peek of domesticity, red dishes with the crumbs of dinner on a wooden table and a cat on the chair, cleaning itself. Then you’re past it and the glimpse is gone. At night, the lights from warm rooms shine out into the darkness as if to say, “You want to look? Fine, but its nothing special. Just another quiet evening.” If privacy is called for, a simple white lace curtain is all it takes.

This week I’ve fallen in love with Kinfolk, a magazine about small gatherings. Food and friends, two of my favorite things. They have an iPad app, which is gorgeous and beautiful, and I’ve been spending time with it the past few nights, mulling over the changing seasons, good food, and what community means. I highly recommend it.