What: Turquoise Earrings

Where: In my ears, often

How: Bought on my honeymoon in Santa Fe in 2009

On the Turquoise Trail linking Albuquerque to Santa Fe, old trading towns used to sell the precious minerals they mined from the nearby hills. In a tiny town called Cerillos I found these earrings, little drops of turquoise. They weren’t the fanciest earrings there, but they were simple and a perfect color.

Not only is the blue rock my birthstone (December!), but these now remind me of the wonderful week Jesse and I spent exploring Santa Fe on our honeymoon. We relaxed, we walked around the Plaza, and we ate delicious food spiced with green and red chilies.

Since then I’ve lived in rainy Portland and Amsterdam, and the earrings have always brought me back to the heat of the arid desert, the colors of Santa Fe, the chili-spiced chocolate, and a happy time.

Sipping chocolate at the Kakawa Chocolate House, Santa Fe