What: Crane Embroidery Scissors

Where: In my hands, snipping threads, most every night

How: A gift from my Mother-in-Law a few years ago

A few years ago, I was just getting interested in sewing, trying my hand at it. I borrowed a sewing machine, looked up tutorials online, and messed up a lot. By Christmastime I had gotten a bit better, but still not great. That year I received a package from Jesse’s mom, Monterey, who has sewn a fair number of wonderful things herself. She gave me a basket tied up with a pretty ribbon, and inside was nestled a whole treasure trove of sewing utensils: embroidery floss, pins, needles, a thimble, and these scissors. It was a supportive little bundle, wrapped up with “You can do it,” and “Don’t give up.”

I’ve already used up most of the floss, lost a few pins, and left the basket in storage. But the scissors never go far: I use them constantly. I love the crisp snip the sharp beak makes. I love the gentle curve of the neck. I love that the screw doubles as an eye. And I love that women have been using crane scissors for centuries, and I’m just another in a long line.

These scissors are the perfect combination of beautiful and useful, and were such a thoughtful gift!


{This is part of a series on appreciating the things I have and use. In case you missed it, here you find my introduction to it, and the 1st Object.}