I had intended to post some normal life-in-Amsterdam things, but you know what? It’s boring. We’re really not doing anything. Jesse is at the library all day deep in academia-land, I’m inside hiding from the weather, and we’re just not doing much except dreaming of spring and future travels. Once a few more of the man’s papers are written we can get out for a day trip or two, but until then, life is pretty ho-hum.

So I figure instead of another picture of a half-finished quilt I’m still working on, I’ll reach into the past and post some of my favorite places.

Today, if only for the fix of vitamin D and my craving for chili-spiced food, it’s Mexico. I’m lucky enough to be part of a big family that likes to spend time together, and because we all live so far away we usually do a big vacation every other year. In 2010 it was Cabo San Lucas, that sun-soaked city on the tip of the Baja peninsula.

We stayed on one of the many resorts along the beach, and were spoiled by several swimming pools, drinks with little umbrellas, and the sandy beach a mere stroll from our room.

Usually I’d go for the self-guided, do-it-yourself vacation, but the all-inclusive ones are pretty darn fun sometimes! Especially when you have 30 family members to share the splashes and laughs with. We played in the (massive) waves, soaked up more sun than we needed, went tequila-tasting, practiced our español, and ate perfect salsa. Jesse and I even rented a scooter one day and got ourselves thoroughly lost in the town.

I had to throw a food photo in, of course. That questionable mound is ceviche, a traditional dish of fresh raw seafood marinated in lime juice and spiced with chilies. Delicious.

I think everyone in colder latitudes dreams of the tropics in the dead of winter. How can we resist?