I have to admit that I’m a morning person. It’s not very trendy for a 20-something, but it’s time for me to just come out with it and embrace getting up at 8:30am on the weekend.

There are perks, though. Like the other day, when we celebrated morning by venturing out for breakfast. It was a cloudy day, and the silvery January light made it feel like it was much earlier than 10:00am. We strolled down the streets until we found our place of morning worship, which turned out to be the cutest cafe, and the best meal, that I just had to tell you about it.

Gartine, with a hidden 'G'

The cafe was called Gartine, which I found recommended online. Squished in a bustling downtown area, it’s on a little alleyway connecting busy Rokin and Kalverstraat. In the morning rain the alley look completely deserted, and I never would have noticed the small window if I wasn’t looking for it.

Inside was a warm, welcoming, cafe and patisserie. It was busy, but the owner squeezed us in before a reservation at the only table upstairs, giving us a perfect view of the whole cafe along with our own little nook. It was like being on the top bunk when you were a kid–it’s just so much cooler.

The food was French and Dutch inspired. The Large Breakfast came with coffee, fresh pulpy orange juice, an assortment of croissants and breads, homemade jam and butter, applesauce, a fried egg, cured meat, and aged cheese. A little bit of everything, just enough to fill me up without making me full. And the silverware and dishes! Mismatched, delicate, old, antique. Candles lit and stunning chandeliers hanging, fighting off the rainy gloom. Fresh flowers on the tables. The warm bustle of a busy kitchen serving delicious food.

Yes, I’m a fan of mornings. And I’m okay with that.