What: Scarf

Where: On a hook or around my neck

How: Bought in Cortona, Italy, 2005

This is a scarf that stylish women wear (I tell myself) to complete an outfit, or when there’s a slight breeze. The linen (I think) is so loosely woven that it wouldn’t be much protection in a decent chill, but the subtle earthy colors and softly changing texture make it lovely to wear.

Best of all, this scarf has hidden memories. With some items, you know where they came from, always. That “I Heart NY” t-shirt, or the print of the Mona Lisa you bought in the Louvre… they scream of a certain place, obvious reminders of a good time. But I always forget about the origins of this scarf. It’s become just another staple in my wardrobe, something to throw on in the morning.

It’s not until I purposely think about it that I remember the small Tuscan town, the old cobbled street, the tiny boutique. The scarf was on sale, but still much more than I’d ever paid for a scarf before. I almost put it back. My whole tour group was down the street, moving on, and I needed to catch up, and I was wavering… and then I went for it.