Temperatures have gotten a little warmer, and the ice is beginning to melt everywhere. It’s becoming all chunky and broken, with pieces sticking up here and there. Some of the sheets are sinking below the surface, creating the perfect platform for ducks to practice walking on water. It’s a duck playground out there!

As for me, I’m saying goodbye to the frozen canals we had so much fun with. Thanks for coming. It was a good time.

Before the ice disappears completely and my mind makes room for spring flowers, I wanted to share a few pictures I snapped of random things on the frozen canals. It makes me think, if all this stuff is on top of the canals now, how much stuff goes under the water the rest of the year? It must be a treasure trove under there! A really gross one.

Stuff on the Canals

Bikes, and balloons:

A broken chair:

A Christmas tree:

It’s Valentine’s Day today! We already had some fun, and will be off to have more later. Hope your day is full of love, chocolate, and candy!