In my last post I mentioned that we had tried to visit a sauna for Valentine’s Day and found it closed. On Friday we tried again, with great success! Sauna Deco is in the Jordaan neighborhood, in a totally typical house on the Herengracht canal. From the outside it looks completely normal:

Inside, however, is a world of art deco decoration and flourishes, a small slice of Paris in the 20s. Gray stones, golden brass metalwork, and flowery stained glass windows flow into every room, a feast for the eyes. {Photos below from SaunaDeco.nl}

For a small price we got full reign of the spa, including the showers, dry saunas, foot baths, a cold plunge pool, garden patios, and a steam sauna with sinus-clearing menthol and eucalyptus. After relaxing to our heart’s content we sat in big chairs in the lounge to relax some more.

It’s European, so… no swimsuits allowed. Which was actually fine. Everyone wore towels or robes in between rooms, and in the saunas it’s so steamy you couldn’t see anything if you tried. And who’s trying? You’re too focused on the delicious-scented air, the warm steam, and all the stress leaving your body. The clients were a range of young and old, men and women, couple and singles. All so very focused on themselves to not care a whit who you are.

We took full advantage of the place, topping off our day with freshly squeezed orange juice (an Amsterdam specialty) from the cafe. When we finally tore ourselves away I felt refreshed, relaxed, and eucalyptus-scented. Oh happy day. Can this be every week, and not just on Valentine’s Day? I need to push around some budget numbers…

If you go: Sauna Deco, Herengracht 115, http://www.saunadeco.nl