Friends and readers, I have such an exciting announcement to make. I’ve just opened my very own Etsy store, Needle and Compass!

Last year I thought embroidered city maps would be perfect for remembering past travels or favorite places, and I searched high and low for something like what I was envisioning… finding nothing. So I’ve spent the last few months tinkering with some designs and ideas, and now I’m offering them up to the world, just in case anyone else thinks they’re nifty.

Santa Fe Embroidered Map

It’s a little eerie how well this combines my two big loves, needlecraft and travel. Now when I’m visiting a new city it’s “research.” Perfect!

Prague Old Town Embroidered Map

I currently have about eight maps available, and I’ll be adding more as I go, including a few of Amsterdam, of course. Though these canals are proving difficult.

London Tube Map

I’m happy to offer custom-made maps, as well. You can find the details in the shop!

Become a fan of the store on Facebook for updates and special discounts! And if you like the look of them, I’d so appreciate if you shared it on any social media you deem worthy. It’s so tricky to start out sometimes.

Watch for a discount code on the Facebook page in the coming days, and thanks for putting up with this shameless self-promotion. Regularly scheduled programming to follow!