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Tomorrow we welcome some friends from the States for a full week! We’ll show them our favorite corners of Amsterdam, then escape to Rotterdam for a few days. I’ve never been, so I’m excited to explore!

In preparation for their stay we’ve been knee-deep in spring cleaning. Which is a whole lot easier when our apartment is two rooms and we don’t have much, but it’s still a big chore. We treated ourselves to a delicious breakfast this morning to prepare.

This is at Gebroeder Neimeijer, a cute French bakery on the Nieuwendijk. That’s three little rolls with jam, a brioche, coffee, and freshly-squeezed orange juice. On the right are walnut fig rolls with gruyere cheese. I seriously love breakfast.

On the way home we bought three bunches of tulips to brighten up our home, and a bevy of Dutch treats to welcome our friends. Stroopwafels, hagelslag, speculoos-paste, and beschuit, biscuit/bread type things that you butter then put anise-flavored sprinkles on. Quite a treat.

After next week I’ve have a full report on Rotterdam! Until then I’ve written up a few posts on my favorite small-town travels from the past, and have set them to  (hopefully) post throughout the week.

Goodbye for now! I’m off to eat more beschuits.