*I’m back from Rotterdam (which I loved!) but here’s one more Special Place as I get all my pictures and thoughts together.*

A few hours south of Prague is a tiny little city, wrapped in a river and crowned with a castle. Český Krumlov dates from the 13th century, and today it’s a beautiful little jewel of a town, and a gorgeous place to visit. I went there in 2007, on a fall weekend, and fell in love with it. The yellow leaves and rust-red roofs were a perfect accent to the misty autumn days.

We spent our days exploring the corners of the town, peeking into shops, nibbling on treats in cafes, and enjoying the cool weather.

On a hill in the town is the castle, the second biggest in the Czech Republic (second to Prague). It was a bit late in the season, so the castle itself was closed to us, but the outdoor corridors, terraces, and walkways were still open to exploration, and offered amazing views.

I wish I could write more specifics of places we went, things we saw or ate, but I can’t remember. All I know is that we spent the entire time wandering the tiny town, thoroughly exploring every corner of it, and staying out late until the sun set, the street lamps came on, and the mist took on a deliciously eerie quality.

I’ve heard that in the summer season the town gets mobbed (it’s the “next big thing” in Czech Republic), which might make it less magical. But in late autumn it was empty, welcoming, and perfect.