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In honor of Spring being so near (is it today, the 20th? Or officially tomorrow, the 21st? I never know), here’s a few snapshots of a bike ride we took some weeks ago, where I saw the first hints of the coming season. It never ceases to frustrate me at how long spring takes to arrive anywhere (I should probably move to Florida), but I do love the teases nature offers.

We took advantage of a sunny day some time ago to get some exercise. We ride our bikes all the time, but it’s usually only across town so this longer ride was definitely tough!

The Amsterdamse Bos (‘Amsterdam Wood’), is about 7km south of us, near the city of Amstelveen. It’s a big park with 51km of winding paths, open spaces for picnics and games, a petting zoo, fountains and children’s pools in the warm months, and lots of empty spaces for wandering.

We cycled around aimlessly, finding a polder to eat our lunch in while we watched geese. The area is so close to Schipol Airport that we could count how many planes come in for landing (I lost count quickly.)

It was a chilly enough day that it still felt like winter, but then I saw them.  Hints of spring. I screeched my brakes to a halt to better admire them.

Any idea what these flowers are? I’m terrible at identifying that stuff. (Update: Consensus says they’re snowdrops! Thanks!) I’m looking forward to warmer days and many more bike expeditions in the coming weeks!