Spring is here!! Everything I’ve heard says that this is the best time of year to be in Holland (is it just because of the flowers?) so I’m pretty thrilled that I’m here. I get to see the season unfold and develop, peek out and bloom. After our Big Canal Frozen Time, the weather has warmed up to pleasant, and the sun has started to wake me up more often every morning.

All around the city flowers are starting to poke into small green spaces.  In a few weeks tulips will unfurl!  I feel like this country is what Easter was made for, with all the flowers and farm animals around. I even spotted a bunny hopping in the field last week.

I’ll actually be welcoming spring the Portuguese way, as I’m lucky enough to be going to Lisbon this weekend! A friend and I are taking off for a perfect Girl’s Weekend Out with sun, pastel colored houses, and lots of delicious drinks full of fruit and ice. I’ve heard rumors that Lisbon is home to delectable pastries, which I will fully research for you. I’m so giving, I know. The weather shows sunny and warm there, and I’ve packed my long-forgotten summer dresses. Time to bare some skin!

I have a post ready to go up about some windmill fun from last week and after that I’ll report back from Lisbon! Hopefully without a sunburn.

Happy Spring!

This church (Begijnhof Church) was practically made for Easter