I have one more post on Lisbon (I know, I know, I went crazy. There was just so much to rave about!), but I wanted to cut in for a moment and talk about the here and now.

I’ve been feeling anxious lately. Time is going by so fast, and it’s April already, and soon it’ll be May, and before you know it our lovely life in Amsterdam will be over. I have so much more to see, and do! Will I have time for it all? Every morning this anxiety creeps over me, of “you’re going to regret not seeing enough!” Which is ridiculous, because we’re keeping nicely busy, and doing plenty of things.

So, I just need to remind myself to do this day-by-day, and not get ahead. We’ve still got plenty of time left, and an entire season will still unfold while we’re here. With that in mind, here are some “right now” thoughts and links I have.

1) Shrubs. Apparently I’m super late to this game, but I do believe I need to try some drinking vinegars/shrubs soon, like Angry Chicken and Pok Pok. Perfect for those times you want something special to sip without a lot of sugar and alcohol!

2) Languages. Perhaps due to the mentioned anxiety, I’ve suddenly decided that I need to try out my fledgling Dutch. All the time. I can order successfully (usually), and Jesse’s been really understanding of my attempts to throw any Dutch word I know into our everyday conversations. My grocery lists are a weird mixture of Dutch and English. It might not get me far, but I feel like it would be a little ridiculous to live somewhere an entire year, and leave not really knowing the language.

This has also increased my desire to learn… oh, just about every language. I’ve studied German, Spanish, the tiniest bit of Czech, and now Dutch, and I can’t really speak any of them. Pathetic. But this series from Simply Bike on raising children bilingually has really inspired me to push harder. I think too often I feel like it’s “too late” to learn a language, which is just crap, really, and doesn’t make sense. There’s always a reason to learn a language. So, I’m going to learn as much Dutch as I can while I’m here, because I can. And then later, wherever we end up, I’m going to really improve my Spanish. (Or German. Or French. Or Portuguese….? Sheesh.)

3) In the meantime, I bought myself more flowers, because they always help with the less-than-fun emotions. They’re ranunculuses (that’s an awkward plural word). Because both this friend and this friend were bragging about them growing in their gardens, and I couldn’t take it any more.

The Dutch word for little flower: bloempje. “Bloomp-ya.” I love it.