I haven’t forgotten about this series! And this weekend I have the perfect Easter-related object to admire. I’ve become a recent fan of soft-boiled eggs in sweet egg cups. All the runny glory of fried eggs without the mess. And anything that requires special cups and spoons is ok by me!

What: Two stoneware egg cups.

Where: On our breakfast table, with eggs in them. Often.

How: Bought at a little pottery store in the Red Light District, Amsterdam, 2012.

The Red Light District lies between our apartment and the main square, and in the first few months of living here I would often find myself walking through it quite by accident. By now I know which streets go around it, but I also know that it’s not necessary to avoid it completely. There are some treasures hidden in those alleys! I know a few delicious bakeries, a great micro-brewery, the best frite cart, and the best shop to get your husband a present (*wink*). Recently I found this little pottery shop on a side alley.

It’s all made there in the studio, and it’s all very affordable. I’d been thinking about getting egg cups for awhile, and these just jumped out at me, so I snapped two up.

They make a perfect contribution to a delicious breakfast. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a gezellig Easter brunch with some friends. No egg cups required, but maybe I should bring them anyway? Just in case?

Happy Easter weekend! Hope it’s full of good people and delicious food!