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The sun peeked out of the clouds on Easter morning just in time for our bike ride through the canal belt. We headed to the Jordaan neighborhood where our friends were house-sitting a gorgeous apartment in the posh Nine Streets.
I spent all day pretending like I actually lived there, watching the tourists queue up for pannekoeken below. Suckers! (Actually, I’ve been to that pannekoeken place, and it was quite good.)

We gathered together a delicious Easter brunch, with snacks on the rooftop followed by more eating inside. Jesse recently went to Florence (I’m try to wrangle a blog out of him!) and brought back prosciutto. The strawberry jam is from De Laastse Kruimel, the cutest little sandwich shop/bakery tucked into a busy street here in Amsterdam. And the loaf is Paasbrood, or Easter bread, a special treat only for Eastertime, full of raisins and candied fruit, but striking the perfect balance of sweet and bready.

We also enjoyed coffee from Jesse’s new siphon filter, which I believe is one of the most pretentious ways to make coffee, ever. But because it looks so cool, and the coffee tastes damn good, I’ll happily be pretentious for it. Jesse found the siphon for a whopping €7.50 at a local antique shop (he scores the best finds! Remember this?), and has been jumping out of bed every morning since, declaring, “I’m making coffee!” Secretly I think he might be making other things, Breaking Bad-style.

We stuffed ourselves on coffee, paasbrood, a delicious frittatta, and excellent conversation, until we could barely teeter our bikes home.

A vrolijk paasdaag (happy easter-day)!