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The weather is a bit fitful, but in between the showers we are seeing lots of sunshine lately. Last week we took advantage of that to get out on our bikes! I bike a lot through town, but the trips are so short that I can hardly count it as exercise. So we’ve vowed to try to take a longer bike ride out of town every week.

Last week, with no destination in mind, we followed the Amstel River south. Within a few kilometers we were out of the city, in fields and farms dotted with horses, goats, and sheep. We found the most adorable lambs in all shades of white, black and brown, and a hilariously large-and-woolly mama sheep.

There were rowers out on the river, and joggers out on the road. People were sitting outside in their gardens chatting, or weeding their daffodils and tulips. We even passed a few windmills.

We made it all the way to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a tiny little town hugging the river. The cafe terraces were so tempting! Next time we’ll have to stop for a warm drink or frothy brew.

I definitely need to keep going, because those 22 km completely wore me out! The next sunny day, I’ll be back on my bike, looking for more woolly sheepies.