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Sometimes I feel like the weather is the single most influential thing on my mood. Yesterday morning it was pouring rain and I felt completely unmotivated. Then it stopped and the sun did it’s best to peek out from the clouds all afternoon. And guess what? I felt so much happier! I hate admitting that something I have no control over can affect me so much.

At least all this rain is giving good fodder to the flowers in the city. We’re planning a visit to the famed Keukenhof Gardens in a few weeks to see the tulips, but until then I’ve been spying plenty of blooms in the corners of the city.

On Saturday night we went to Haarlem and caught the tail end of the Bloemencorso–the Flower Parade! Night fell before we saw it (which means my pictures aren’t so great) but each float was highly impressive and smelled wonderful as it passed by. And the highlight was a marching band ON BIKES. Drums, tubas, flutes, everything, even while moving. I love it: so Dutch!

This week looks to be a slow, rainy one. I’m saving up money and energy for Queen’s Day next week (April 30!), and then the Saturday after that my parents arrive for a week of Dutch fun!