Oh, my, what a long break from blogging! Sorry for the silence, friends. My days have been chock-full of showing my parents around Amsterdam and beyond, eating a lot of treats, and walking. It’s not over (on Friday we leave for Belgium!), but before you all abandoned me for other corners of the internet, I wanted to check in.

A few things we’ve done: taken the classic canal boat tour, tried copious samples of cheese, snacked on chocolate, stroopwafels, pastries, olives, bread and more cheese, visited the cute town of Edam, tried to feed intimidating swans at Keukenhof, and popped by Haarlem and Leiden. Whew, no wonder my feet are so tired.

It’s always fun to show off your favorite places! We’ve been having a fall-asleep-exhausted-by-night sort of fun time. I’ll soon be posting all about the new places I’ve been (Flower Auction! Volendam! Keukenhof Gardens!), but for now you’ll have to excuse a bit more silence while I go snack on some more goodies. It’s what we do. Clearly.