Happy Weekend! I have some friends visiting us at the moment (it’s promising to be a busy summer!), and we’ve been doing all sorts of fun Amsterdam things. They’re here for a nice long time so we haven’t needed to stress about squeezing everything in. Lazy, relaxing days with lots of food have been the focus.

I love the wisteria on the canal houses, all over the city.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, the nicest we’ve seen in a long time, and we all had a blast soaking it up. Sometimes the best things to do with visitors are the things you’d do anyway! We started by visiting the Noordermarkt, a busy farmer’s market. It was warm enough for dresses at last, and I got to use my new basket tote for carrying veggies. It performed beautifully. We also got some fresh squeezed orange juice, which is the tastiest thing ever!

{Photo courtesy of my father.}

We spent the afternoon at a food cart festival, which was amazing and deserves it’s own post, and then we ended the day at Vondelpark. I don’t get down there that often, since we live a bit far away from it, but yesterday I was reminded why I should. It’s such a lovely place! The trees were in bloom with spring flowers, people were lounging everywhere enjoying the sun, grills and picnics were in full swing, and the fountains were happily gurgling. We enjoyed the perfect bike ride through the leafy paths, and I even managed to snap some pictures while riding, one-handed. Amsterdam has taught me well.