Something special happened last weekend. Something that made my heart swell with joy, my mind remember Portland, and my taste buds salivate. Amsterdam hosted a food cart festival!


This was really exciting, because food carts are a pretty big deal in Portland, and I used to eat at them no less than three times a week. Moving to Amsterdam held a lot of new exciting things for us, but I still miss food carts and their cheap, delicious offerings. So when I saw the ad for the festival I knew I had to go there. It was lucky that our visiting friends were up for it, because we went on Friday, then again on Saturday! There were just too many choices to try them all in one go! We still didn’t try everything, but we made a heroic effort.

A few impressions. First, I love the name. Rollende Keuken: rolling kitchens. Perfect! Second, these carts were swanky! All dressed up, decorated, and tricked out. The sushi cart had a moving belt, the omelet cart had a coop with live chickens, there was a boat-cart, a church-cart, many buses, a VW bug, and more! All serving delicious food.


We gathered several meals together including tostis, paella, sausages, bbq pulled pork, crepes, waffles, fresh potato chips, Breton sushi, cider, and of course, a Heineken or two.

A delicious way to enjoy the weekend!