We’re back from Edinburgh! It was such a lovely trip, and I can’t wait to share photos and stories from all the things we did and tried.

Amsterdam welcomed us back with gray skies and rain…sigh. But after the twisty streets of medieval Edinburgh, the regal houses and placid canals of this city were a calming sight. And after a long day of travel it’s always nice to be home.

I threw out old flowers and bought new this morning–it’s a habit I’ve given up fighting. The buds were closed at the store, but once I got them in water at home they immediately relaxed and spread out. Just like all of us, I think. Traveling is so stimulating and exciting, but there’s nothing like your own little corner of home to let you truly relax.

I’m spending a day doing just that (while admiring my blooms) before going through all our photos! Can’t wait to share them!