Jesse’s 30th birthday was at the end of May, so for the big celebration he got to choose a place to travel to, what he wanted to do there, and what kind of present he got. You already know he chose Scotland! He had two goals there, and one was to find himself a fine Scottish tweed suit (so he can look the part of an English professor). He did some research before we left, and we spent most of the first day looking in different tweed shops (there were a lot.)

We finally wandered into Walker Slater, which turned out to be the winner! The assistants there were extremely helpful as Jesse perused and tried on jacket after jacket. When he decided on one they even marked it for some alterations, which were finished in time for our departure.

Tweed is a traditional Scottish material woven from rough wool, often having an herringbone and heathered effect. Harris tweed is the most well-known brand, but the fabric is a little bit thicker, and Jesse ended up choosing a lighter style with a more modern fit. Ta-da!

He was wooed into getting the pants, too, so as to have the full suit effect. Because what’s the sense in only have a tweed jacket? (He’d like me to point out that these shoes will not be worn with the suit, normally.)

I’d call our suit-hunt a smashing success! Does he remind anyone else of Dr. Who? Sonic Screwdriver not included.