I wrote previously about our visit to the little island of Marken. After wandering around we caught a ferry across the water to Volendam. It’s a traditional fishing town that’s now turned into a place people go to take old-timey photos (no one would do that with me this time!). It’s a cute place, though the amount of tourist-geared items gets overwhelming. We spent a short time wandering around and soon felt satisfied.

Not far away is Edam–like the cheese! Though apparently that name denotes a type of cheese, not where it’s from: lots of Edam is made in Germany, I learned. The town still holds a cheese market in the summers on Wednesdays, capitalizing on it’s name.

Other than cheese, Edam is really precious. Tiny, cobbled, a bit forgotten, it’s streets still bustle with townfolk, it’s bakeries are stocked with bread and pastries, and it’s bridges are full of bicycles. It was a completely adorable place. I think it’s my favorite of the Marken-Volendam-Edam trifecta.

Edam also has a town legend about a mermaid who washed onto their shore and stayed for awhile. Apparently mermaids were pretty picky creatures, so the fact that one stayed in their town was a source of pride for the Edammers–they took it as quite the compliment, and created a special plaque in the town square for the occasion.

I could skip Volendam next time, but I’d love to go back to Edam, maybe on a long bike ride some sunny day. If summer ever comes to Holland…