One of my favorite pastry shops in Amsterdam is tucked into a narrow street, unassuming and a bit hidden. But the window displays are so beautiful that you’re immediately lured in to taste the goodness that awaits! It’s called De Laatste Kruimel, which means “The Last Crumb.” Which is what you’ll be searching for on your plate when you go.

Those crumbs come from quiche, bread pudding, cakes, scones, and tarts, all made right there in the little shop. All seriously good.

The shop is tiny, and there are only a few tables, made from wooden crates with lacy vintage tablecloths thrown on. The best location to munch on your treats is on the back patio, overlooking the canal. While the tour boats go by, you can wave sweetly and take another bite of your cake.

As the wonderful hand-drawn sign says, they also serve lunch sandwiches and soups. And everything is delicious, right down to the de laatste kruimel!

De Laatste Kruimel, Langebrugsteeg 4, Amsterdam