Hey there! I have a bit of an administration announcement today: I’m changing the name of my blog to match the shop, Needle and Compass, and moving it over to it’s own site, here. It’s a WordPress site, so you’ll still be able to follow it that way. Or you can also sign up for email subscriptions over there!

The change reflects a bit of a metamorphosis of the blog to focus on both travel and handmade/crafty things. I’d love for you to click through and keep reading! I have lots more Europe travel posts, and several embroidery projects I’m just about to finish, and I’m excited to show you those. I’d also like to post a few embroidered map projects from the shop, so look out for those in the future.

I’ll post a couple more times through The Penny Farthing, just so I don’t accidentally lose anyone. Thanks so much for reading, following and commenting–it’s so highly appreciated!

From now on, find me here at Needle and Compass!