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Katrina Emery

Utrecht lies in the shadow of Amsterdam, somewhat unknown to visitors, though I’ve heard of lots of people who prefer living there to Amsterdam, actually. A cute university town, it’s a busy and prosperous city with all the benefits of Amsterdam (shopping, canals, public transportation, etc), but without the tourists. Which is always nice.

The other day we endured the 30 minute train ride (just horrible, I know) and set out to explore Utrecht. I’ve actually been there before, back in March, so some of these pictures are from that visit, too.

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands and is home to the country’s largest university. The most “famous” thing about the city is it’s church tower, which is the tallest in the country! Utrecht was a haven of Christianity for a time, and in the middle ages a large church was built, with an impressively tall…

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