I’ve been holding out. See, last weekend we went on the second of the Tweed Rides, and I didn’t post about it because it was such a wonderful time I wasn’t sure that my words could live up to it.  The last ride was “Virtue,” and this one was well-matched with “Vice.” Last time we played lawn games and ended at a teahouse. This time…well, I’m not sure I can even tell you what we did this time. It was all pretty “Vice-y,” you know, and someday someone might want to run for public office, and might not want their name besmirched by stuff like this. So I’ll do my best to be descriptive without spelling it all out.

We convinced our housemates and friends to suit up and came with us, which made for a delightfully wonderful time. It didn’t hurt that the flask was opened often, the sun was (kind of) shining, and the Tweed flowed freely.

We started in NW Portland and wound our way through downtown, over the Hawthorne Bridge and into Southeast. There was a certain abandoned alley that provided the location for our first illicit stop. Oh, the debauchery!

Picnics aren’t illegal, of course.

After all that action, the ride gets fuzzier. I think there was more flask-opening, more laughing, more admiring tweed and more pipe-smoking. I remember bubbles, too. We wound our way through the streets, waving happily at cars, until we reached House Spirits Distillery, a delightful little local shop. We hugged. We giggled. We promised to be friends forever, and to always wear tweed. (It does something to you, I swear.)


And the rest… well, the rest of what happened in that distillery warehouse is something that us Tweeders will never share. You’ll just have to find your own Tweed Ride.

Don’t believe that this can happen outside of Portland? It can, my friends. Kansas City, Osaka, Cleveland, Sydney, Dallas, London– even Helsinki, Finland has a Tweed Ride!  Check out the worldwide reports, along with lovely posters, at Riding Pretty to find a Tweed Ride near you!

For better pictures (as in professional ones), here’s Green Chair Studio’s account of our ride.