Since moving to Amsterdam, I’ve become a huge fan of taking walks. I’ve never been opposed to walking, and a stroll was often a nice way to end the evening. But here, I walk. Italicized. I do a lot of indoor work on the computer and stitching, so some days I barely have an excuse to leave the house. Like yesterday. So I grabbed my camera and a scarf and headed out for a short walk.

First of all, my new shoes that I treated myself to. On sale and super comfy.

Sometimes I get caught up taking pictures of the big views. We live right by the harbor, so there are always sunbeams streaming down canals, far-off canal houses looking pretty, and wide views to take in. But on this walk I tried to focus on the small things. I stayed in a small 5-black radius of our apartment (ok, blame the new shoes for that. They’re still getting broken in), but was still able to find plenty of camera subjects. Sometimes making myself focus on the small things is just the refresher I need.

Art Nouveau window

Rusting boats

Red and Black

It’s getting warmer, and I’ve seen crocuses poking their heads out of the grass in a few places! I love the anticipation of spring.