Seems like Mondays are consistently the day I write about our bike adventures. Which makes sense, considering that we usually go on the weekends! I really want to keep pushing myself to bike more, and longer, with the ultimate goal of being able to do 30-40 miles a day for several days in a row. Say, if we were to ride down the Oregon coast….  Just a thought.

So this summer I’ve decided to really attack that goal, which is funny, because usually Jesse is the one pushing me to bike, and we’ve switched it up this year. I suspect it’s because he’s been commuting on bike all winter, and I totally quit.

I wish all my bike rides looked like this.

Either way, we’ve been starting slow, which works for me. I chose the Short, Sweet, and Steep Ride for us to do this weekend, via the Portland Bureau of Transportation. The ride centers in the West Hills, which is somewhere I’ve never explored much before. The weather report promised some sun, but it didn’t happen, which made for a cold, cloudy, and decidedly damp ride. (Of course on Sunday it was beautiful and sunny. Curses.) 

It’s a 15 mile loop that starts in an immediate uphill. I knew it would be uphill at times, but man, this ride was UPHILL. For a solid 8 miles. We huffed, we puffed, we crawled along, and I admit–we walked a lot. I mean, it was seriously steep.

But other than the debilitating steepness, the wet and cold, and the “are we crazy?” thoughts, it was a beautiful ride. Up into the foggy West Hills, surrounded by masterpiece mid-century modern houses, giant mossy trees, and lonely squirrels, it was like we’d completely left the city. We stopped at Hoyt Arboretum in hopes of spotting some blooming magnolias.

Hoyt Arboretum, early spring


Sometimes fashion goes out the window when it rains...

It was a bit dreary from the wet weather. I can’t wait to come back here in a pretty dress when summer’s in full bloom, with sunshine dripping everywhere. I’d bring a picnic, of course.

We rewarded our cold, wet, exhausting ride with some well-deserved beer from Cascade Brewery, then we collapsed into the couch. Next time, we’re avoiding hills.